Connecting People to Plans

The Flow Company

“Organizations are perfectly aligned to get the results they get. Think about that. If you are not getting the results you want, it is due to a misalignment somewhere in the organization and no pushing, pulling, demanding or insisting will change a misalignment.” - Stephen Covey

It seems so simple. If everyone would understand the organization's goals, and perform their own tasks in relation to them, you would achieve spectacular why isn't that happening? Why are organizations struggling to get everyone “on the same page”?

There is a solution. Through the use of our easy to implement tools and methodology, your organization can discover how to identify and eliminate any mis-alignments and quickly connect people to a plan; whether a strategic plan, department plan, project plan.

When people feel connected to the plan, and aligned to to the execution of it, productivity and results increase along with morale.

All work we do is based on an understanding of a transformational axiom we call The Flow Concept- a simple, yet powerful way to view an organization as services being provided by people in support of an overarching goal, purpose, or result desired. Once people start viewing their roles as services provided in support of other services, and really see their inter-connectedness, powerful results and cultural change occurs.

We begin working with your organization utilizing The Flow Process- a facilitated series of group workshops and/or individual coaching that brings about organizational clarity and alignment.

We work together to create The Flow of Service Visibility Map(or simply
The Flow Map for short) for your organization. This is the visual representation of an organizations alignment.

Have you ever wanted to show people “The Big Picture”? With your unique Flow Map anyone, and everyone, can see the specific work they and others do, and how it relates to achieving the organizations goals. Maps are interactive, dynamic and provide the ability to zoom in and focus on any specific area, and they are printable for easy reference.

Once people recognize that what they do on a day to day basis provides service that impacts the organization, we work with them to ensure they are providing the best level of service possible by having 
Flow Clarity Agreements in place – these are the agreed upon definitions of success that will allow an individual to best provide their service to an organization in support of its goals.

These agreements truly empower people to perform their roles to the best of their ability, and result in increased performance at all levels.
Symptoms of misalignment:

  • Poor morale
  • Missed deadlines
  • Infighting
  • Sub standard results
  • Goals not achieved
  • Employee turnover
  • Burnout
  • Poor communication
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